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Logistics Services

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The increasing emphasis on security in the shipping process, plus the rapid globalisation of the art market, requires a more tailor-made business model for fine art logistics. Crystal Vault understands that art is unique and irreplaceable and therefore needs a specialised logistics service.
The moment you entrust your artwork to our care we will ensure it is monitored and protected throughout its passage. Each shipment is a unique nail-to-nail project. That is at the core of our highly consultative and personalised service. We are a global transportation company and as such Crystal Vault Security & Shipping provides a seamless, umbrella shipping solution. Our staff are trained to international standards of art handling and our operations teams understand the logistical requirements unique to the transport of Fine Art. We appreciate the vulnerability of art in transit and work closely with each client to identify and address every unique transport challenge.


Our teams are trained to anticipate risk and implement skillfull solutions with care and efficiency.
We are in a unique position to leverage our global Crystal Vault contacts, to ensure the most efficient and secure transit available anywhere.

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